Mobile Barcodes and Public Relations

Today, Nellymoser issued a press release which announced a recent 2D barcode campaign that the company built for SHAPE Magazine's 30th Anniversary “Smart Sweepstakes.” While the results of the sweepstakes campaign are impressive with over 400,000 entries, which Nellymoser claims to be a record, the item that I would like to focus on is the press release itself.

Of all of the 2D-based campaigns that I have scanned and/or reviewed, I'd say that 99% of the companies that are behind these campaigns fail to proactively leverage their respective 2D campaign for public relations purposes. And, the question I ask is, why? If a company's 2D campaign is well-executed, original, innovative, of value to the consumer, etc., why not consider it newsworthy? With nothing to lose other than a little media attention and/or social sharing, why not take a few moments to craft a press release and talk about the 2D campaign? Sure, a company is not going to publish a press release for each and every advertisement that it creates and places, but if it's the first time that 2D is being used or 2D is being used in a new and different way by the brand then, why not leverage it? Consider what happens come Super Bowl and how advertisers and/or sponsors make their intentions known.

When it comes to 2D best practices, I am probably the only marketing strategist out there who believes that proactive public relations should be considered a best practice and implemented where and when appropriate. What's your thought?

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