QR Code for Kids

In this month's issue of National Geographic Kids, the publisher uses a QR Code to enhance, and bring to life, one of the magazine's feature stories. What I like about this "campaign" is that the publisher has provided children and adults with five simple, yet detailed, steps on how to make use of the QR Code (see second image below). 

When the QR Code is scanned, the child and/or adult is brought to a video, which provides more information about the feature story's main subject...lions. But, after the three-minute video plays, which did have some buffering issues, no links are provided for the child and/or adult to view any other information, either about the subject matter, the magazine, anything. This is one of the biggest fail points of a 2D campaign, regardless of whether or not it's B2C or B2B, when a video is shown, and there are no links to be made or used afterwards. To me, it's almost like starting a conversation with someone and saying hello, but then after that nothing more is said or done.  

The video could have easily been linked to the magazine's website, another video about lions, a page to purchase a book on lions, a discount to a local zoo to see lions in person, a social share widget, etc., etc.

When I first saw the level of detail in the code scan instructions, I thought, great, this publisher gets it, but it did not take long for my excitement to get dashed to pieces. 

2D Barcode Litmus Test: FAIL

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