QR Codes for Retail

Canada Goose, makers of high quality outerwear, are currently using QR Codes on their product hang tags. Great idea, but poor execution. Here's why.  

The QR Code's call-to-action ("Ask Anyone Who Knows") speaks to those customers who may want to learn more about the product from existing Canada Goose customers but, when the QR Code is scanned, all they are linked to is the home page of the desktop version of the company's website. Big let down. At this pivotal point of the purchase decision path (i.e., in store with product literally in hand), why not link the code directly to the "Goose People" section of the website, which features stories from real Canada Goose customers/users? Much more meaningful and true to the call-to-action, I believe. Also, why not a mobile website?

Beyond the comments above, it's great to see that a company is finally thinking beyond a print advertisement for code use. Retail product packaging, or elements thereof, offer an ideal medium to display a 2D code and enable the product to really speak to the customer, who by chance is probably carrying a mobile phone. Also, I like the simple coloring of the code and the placement of the company's logo. It gets noticed.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: FAIL


  1. Amen, QR codes are simply an economical delivery device to an analytics based interactive tool (mobile sites)..
    of all the QR codes I have scanned in my research very few reach beyond the dissapointment (irrelevant to immediate need)stage.

  2. Amen, QR codes are simply a delivery device to an analytic interactive device (mobile site) that reacts to a prospect's immdeiate need.
    With the inexpensive and easily editable nature of mobile sites the cost per relevent contact is virtually nothing..

  3. Hi Roger,

    We (QRe8.com) provided them this designer QR Code almost 3 years ago. When we were in talks with them we begged them to pursue a mobile website but without luck. They felt their new desktop site was "mobile enough."

    For 3 years they have not moved on provided a proper mobile experience to their users.

  4. Erik

    And to that I say it's a shame....as great as the company's product offfering seems to be too bad the mobile/interactive brand experience is not. Hope all is well.