QR Codes in Super Bowl Commercials

Recently, it was reported that QR Codes will be used in some upcoming Super Bowl commercials and, while news like this is sure to raise awareness of the technology, my question is, how successful will the codes be with respect to scan rates and action taken by viewers (i.e., purchase a product, enter a contest, sign-up for an offer, etc.)?

Also, the article linked to above mentions, "An estimated 60 percent of viewers will have a cell phone in hand on Super Bowl Sunday and advertisers know that black and white box is sure to pique your curiosity," but here too some questions can be asked. First, of the 60 percent of viewers, how many will have a QR Code reader app already installed on their phone and know how to use it? Second, how many of the commercials which use a QR Code will display information as to how to scan the code and where to locate and download a reader app, or will all of this just be assumed? Third, are QR Code advertisers assuming that a significant number of viewers will DVR the game and replay commercials, during or after the game, just to scan the code? Lastly, what percentage of QR Codes will scan to truly optimized mobile content and be worthy of a scan?

Unfortunately, the article did not mention the name of the advertisers behind the QR Code commercials. Stay tuned, only a few days left to go.

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  1. There was only one QR that I saw. It was a Go Daddy commercial in the 4th quarter. To me it was a little bit of a "fail" since it was a bit small, and there was no call to action (Scan this with your QR code scanner). So, I had to get up off my couch and get close enough to scan the code. The code brought me to a video of The New Pussycat Dolls, which was entertaining.

    What I found to be more interesting than QR codes, was Shazam's audio recognition of the various commercials. Their app was able to "understand" which commercial I scanned and brought me to a number of mobile optimized places (some within the Shazam app, and some via browser). They also did a great job in explaining how their app worked the half-time break. I strongly believe Shazam has hit upon a better mobile marketing approach than QR codes for TV ads. And the best part... I didn't have to get up off my couch.