Microsoft Tag, Where Have You Gone?

About two months ago, Microsoft Tag announced that their proprietary Tag reader app will be able to scan and decipher open source QR Codes but, since then, the Tag group has been awfully quiet.

Prior to the announcement, there was almost daily activity on Microsoft Tag's blog, but now there's hardly an update and, if there is, it's in relation to their NFC offering. In addition to the blog, the group's LinkedIn group and Twitter account have also gone quiet as of late.

What I also find strange is that on the blog, there is mention that QR Codes can be generated, but no where on the site can this be done. From what I can tell, only Tags can be generated and tracked.  

Microsoft Tag, anything you wish to share?


  1. When you go to "print" your code, you are given options for MS-Tag, QR, and NFC/URL

  2. Thank you for the information. Now that I go back to the "Get Started" page I see how and where they reference QR Codes. What makes it confusing is that they keep referring to Tag in the headlines and the subtext, but yet they are also talking about QR and NFC in the same sentence. All of this just makes me wonder what's the game plan and where does the company really wish to be when all is said and done.