Hawaiian Airlines uses Designer QR Code

Hawaiian Airlines has launched a new out-of-home campaign using a designer QR Code. This billboard was found on the side of a New York City telephone kiosk.

While it may make sense to customize a QR Code with a corporate logo and/or colors from a brand management perspective, I am not in love with the application here. The airline's logo is the same exact color as the remainder of the QR Code, which does little to help the logo stand out and be noticed. Also, it does not help to use a color for the QR Code which closely matches the background color of the billboard itself.

With respect to scanning the code, why should the reader of the billboard scan the code? There is no call-to-action, no offer, no incentive, no description informing the reader about where the scan will take them. We know calls-to-action, offers, incentives, etc. work and serve a purpose in other marketing mediums, so why not here with a 2D-based OOH advertisement?

One aspect of the campaign that I do like, is that the scan resolve points to a landing page that speaks directly to a New York audience. The scan resolve page has a headline which reads, "Aloha, New York!" and the body copy on the page talks about a new route between New York and Honolulu and how a Hawaiian vacation starts at JFK Airport.

As great as it is to see a landing page that is highly relevant to the targeted audience, this campaign suffers in that the landing page is not optimized for mobile, there was no offer or incentive being made, there is no compelling reason to share the campaign socially, the landing page content, as relevant as it may be, could have been a bit more interesting/sophisticated/descriptive, need I go on? In summary, a lost opportunity to deliver more and get more in return.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: FAIL

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