Nellymoser Releases New Numbers

Nellymoser released a new study on the use of print to mobile actions codes, and the year over year numbers are impressive. For example, the percentage of magazines with at least one print to mobile action code went from 78% in Q1 2011 to 99% in Q1 2012 (Nellymoser tracks the top 100 magazines in the country based on circulation in order to compile the research).

As welcomed as these numbers may be, my question to Nellymoser and others is, from one month/quarter to the next, how many advertisers are consistently using print to mobile technology in their campaigns? To me, it would be more telling if any one advertiser used a code from one advertisement to the next, from one month/quarter to the next, as opposed to a simple one-off use of the technology. Based on what I see in the marketplace, it seems more of the latter (i.e., one-off campaigns).

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