MPA Panel Discussion

Here are a few takeaways from this morning's panel discussion on the use of print to mobile technology at The Association of Magazine Media's (formerly the Magazine Publisher's Association) Digital Conference.

As moderator, I was joined by Brandon Holley (Editor in Chief, Lucky), Ed Knudson (Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Digimarc) and Scott Omelianuk (Editor, This Old House).

Takeaway #1: Help your audience learn about print to mobile technology by providing them with descriptive or instructional copy next to the code, symbol or image to be scanned.

Takeaway #2: Make certain the pay off (i.e., the scan resolve content) is worth the time and effort to scan in the first place, as well as share with others socially.

Takeaway #3: Do not get caught in the trap of trying to determine which print to mobile technology works best but, instead, determine how best to use any of the technologies that are currently on the market. Case in point, Lucky magazine has a very successful shopping program, which is based on Digimarc's digital watermark technology. This Old House, on the other hand, has built a popular and robust reader sweepstakes program on Microsoft Tag technology.

Takeaway #4: Get all of the departments, groups and/or individuals in the company who need to be involved with a print to mobile based campaign/program on board early on in the process. There's no reason to keep people in the dark when deciding to make use of print to mobile technology.  

If you have any questions regarding the above, or the rest of what was discussed by the panel, please contact me.

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