Pinning for Pinterest Sake

As I was researching mobile marketing conferences and events on the web this afternoon, I came across this one titled "Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit," which is scheduled to be held in Boston later this year.

While the conference's speaker list and agenda seem solid, I have two questions or thoughts about the event and the way it is being promoted. First, when I searched for the conference online, the search result linked to the main desktop page for the event. Nothing mobile here. Does Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI), the company organizing the event, need to take lessons from those presenting at the conference to learn how best to present event information and/or registration forms on a mobile platform? Second, if you look closely at the event's main web page you'll see that there are two rather sizable buttons for Pinterest. I can understand wanting to share the event with people via Facebook or Twitter, etc., but what's to pin? Is an interested registrant to pin a speaker's picture on a board or maybe a picture of a conference room? Not sure I follow the logic here.

Instead of just reacting to the marketplace and jumping on the next marketing related band wagon, companies need to fully think about and consider how a product, service, technology, application, widget, solution, etc. works in relation to what's being marketed, promoted or advertised, as well as the audience that's being targeted. As much as it holds true in this example, it certainly holds true with 2D bar codes and other print to mobile technologies.

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