The Print to Mobile Equation

If the term "print to mobile technology" (i.e., 2D bar codes, digital watermarks, visual search, augmented reality, etc.) was a mathematical equation, it's fairly plain to see that the word "print" makes up half of the equation and "mobile" makes up the other half. No where in the equation is the term "desktop" so, why then, do marketers continue to make use of desktop content (e.g., images, copy) and design in advertising campaigns which feature print to mobile technology?

Marketers should know better and not be so lazy. If a mobile site is needed create one. If it's a matter of cost and resources and a mobile site can't be developed and maintained then forgo the use of print to mobile technology. Simple, isn't it? Using print to mobile technology in a less than ideal way will only lead to poor brand/product user experiences and, at the end of the day, this is the last thing that any marketer and/or company wants to deal with and have to overcome.

You're welcome.

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