Crisp Media's Idea of Mobile Lead Generation

I'm not one to click on mobile-based ads, but I just had to try Crisp Media's banner add that kept popping up whenever I visited a particular website.

When I touched the ad, I was brought to a simple landing page, which offered three options. First, I could touch a button to view a corporate video, which was about 2:30 long (did not see entire video as there were buffering issues). Second, I could view a showcase of mobile advertisements that Crisp Media produced for its clients. And, third, I could view real-time statistics about my interaction with the ad (e.g., load time, time in ad, number of taps).

While this may be all well and good, it seems as though Crisp Media left one important element out of the ad. How is a prospective client to get in tough with Crisp Media if they are interested in learning more about the company's product/service offering? There is no place for a prospect to enter their name, phone number or email address, nor is there a listing of a corporate phone number and/or email address for a prospect to contact. If that's the case, how does Crisp Media intend to generate sales leads from this banner ad, or was that not the purpose?

The bigger question that could be asked...if Crisp Media did, in fact, overlook this aspect of their own campaign, what's to say they won't overlook it for a client's campaign? Not that I am trying to lay blame on any one person or any one company, it's just that we (i.e., marketers, creatives, developers, etc.) need to stay focused on basic marketing principles, fundamentals and best practices, even when in comes to mobile.

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  1. As the Marketing VP for Crisp, I can answer this question. I handled this campaign. First, this was not a lead gen campaign, it was a brand building program. However, when we launched the campaign, we did include a form to collect leads and allow prospective customers to get in touch with us. However the leads we were getting from the form were thin and not as good as direct phone calls and emails we were receiving. Also, with the video, ad showcase, and data elements included, including the form was one component too many, so we removed the lead form.

    Our belief was that if a person was interested, they could easily visit our website and contact us that way, and that certainly appears to be the case based on the strong response we have received. That said, it is a point well taken. When we removed the lead form, we might have added a click to email or phone number to make life simpler for the prospect.

    The campaign has been a huge success for us. We have received many calls and call outs from brand advertisers and agencies, and have generated new business directly as a result of the campaign, which is ALL mobile (we believe in our platform!)

    Regarding your comment about building ads for clients, we always discuss objectives of ads very clearly with clients and build in the right set of features to meet those objectives. We have had great success with many clients, helping them successfully activate in the mobile space, and will continue to do so.

    We do appreciate the interest and feedback, and hope you keep your eyes out for new ads we plan to roll our in the future! -Jim Selden