PRINT2D - Part III - The Importance of Bar Code Validation

Imagine designing a QR Code for a 500 thousand piece run, or placing a traditional QR Code on 100 thousand mailing tubes. If you could get a third party to test and validate the code before you print and ship, would you? Bar code validation, a new consulting service offered by PRINT2D, tests designer 2D bar codes and traditional codes on non-traditional mediums, giving clients the assurances they need in order to run these codes with confidence.

Agencies and printers are being pressured to use QR Codes every day. However, many are doing so almost blind - with no ability to test the functionality of the codes before they go to press. PRINT2D's bar code validation services take the mystery out of reproducing designer QR Codes and other 2D bar code formats. Bar code validation gives clients peace of mind knowing their codes will work.

Agencies, printers and creatives are among the industries that stand to benefit most from this new service. Created from standards developed out of their own experience with high profile designer 2D barcodes, PRINT2D's bar code validation service accepts outside codes for testing on up to 14 separate makes of handheld devices, 6 operating systems and 21 of the top 2D barcode readers currently available.

Philip Warbasse, CEO PRINT2D says, "it's not a matter of whether you've got the talent to create beautiful work but, rather, how extensive you can test it that matters most." PRINT2D offers three separate testing options that start with Android, Blackberry and iPhone in the first tier and cover more makes and models on a sliding scale. Most importantly, PRINT2D guarantees all its test results, just as they do with their own designer codes. "What separates PRINT2D from other QR Code designers is not our ability to design, it is our ability to test," continues Warbasse. "So, I thought PRINT2D should offer bar code validation as a core service to other designers and ad agencies that want to design their own codes, as well as printers that are placing codes on mediums which could prove more challenging."

Bar code validation is a service that I think will benenfit the entire 2D bar code channel. Advertisers that buy in to this PRINT2D 'safety net' are more likely to explore new ways to design and implement 2D bar codes in the future. Like 2DGO, bar code validation represents another win for the entire industry.

Tomorrow, I review radio station tie-ins, an exclusive mobile call-to-action from PRINT2D. Learn how radio tie-ins transform traditional ads into a virtual listening experience.

Please Note: This article represents an independent review of PRINT2D's platform and services, and I was not compensated to write or publish it. PRINT2D has been kind enough, however, to provide 2D bar code Strategies' loyal readership with a very special offer on mobile services. Please click here for a special offer from PRINT2D.

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