Smartphones, Laptops and Starbucks

Here's a random thought...without smartphones, tablets, laptops, iPods and most any other type of digital gadgetry, would Starbucks be as popular a brand, destination, experience than it is? Something tells me it wouldn't be. Your thoughts?

(Note: Because a reader didn't seem to grasp my thought above, perhaps it needs further explanation...the other day, as I was in a Starbucks, it struck me as to how many people were in the store that were digitally connected in some shape or form [i.e., a laptop, tablet, iPod, smartphone, etc.] and how few, if any, were actually reading a newspaper or hard copy book, or just sitting enjoying their drink or food. So my thought was, without the digital gadgetry, would Starbucks still be as popular in the destination and social sense, as a place to hangout and/or meetup?  For some reason, I have a hard time seeing Starbucks, as popular as it is, where the majority of its customers are without some form of technology in front of them.) 

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  1. Starbucks has done a great job at utilizing technology and social media. They make it very easy to visit and plug in. Their coffee is pretty mediocre, but I find it really easy to get work done there early in the morning, so I put up with their over-roasted coffee...