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Jeff Gunderman, senior vice president and general manager of Eye USA, just published an article on Mobile Marketer titled "Specialty Mobile Agencies Helping or Hindering," and I thought to comment.

In the article, Jeff gives five ideas to help brands and agencies integrate their mobile strategy into the marketing mix (see below), and they all make perfect sense, but there is one idea I would like to focus on. Can you guess which one? 

How Brands and Agencies Can Integrate Mobile
1. Stay ahead of the trends. Print media, even though shrinking, is enjoying a higher percentage spend than the amount of time spent with it as consumers are moving more of their media consumption to mobile engagement versus print. Brands and agencies are not redirecting spend fast enough so ad dollars are wasted.
2. Get departments talking. Agencies with separate mobile departments need to force discussion and collaboration internally. Agencies without mobile departments need to partner with these specialty mobile agencies where most of the mobile brain trust resides today. You will not survive by trying to protect the existing model as long as possible.
3. Start with mobile Web. If you have no place to send a consumer via their mobile device for a good experience then your strategy fails. Your non-optimized Web site is not a good answer. Start with understanding how to re-purpose or complement your message with a strong mobile Web experience for your consumer.
4. Take advantage of technology. Mobile, if done correctly, gives you immense power. Integrating a mobile strategy can give you real-time metrics and help you build direct dialogue with consumers.
5. Use mobile to connect your consumer to your social strategy.

Did you choose "Get departments talking?"

In my mind, we can all 'talk' about mobile until the cows come home, but unless departments, groups, teams, silos, call them what you will, openly and regularly discuss mobile, and all that comes with it (i.e., the technology, challenges, experiences, costs, opportunities, competitive advantages, etc.,), then most everything else is for naught. Let the creative team develop a QR Code print ad, but don't tell the media buying team, and see how far you (or consumers) get.   

Jeff certainly raises this issue in the article, but I don't believe he goes far enough to stress the importance of open communications and goal setting amongst all parties (i.e., marketing, creative, communications, mobile, digital, social, interactive, customer service, sales, product, etc.) involved. In today's marketplace, there is a lot to be said for being fluid, dynamic and adaptive, in order to stay on top, so maybe it's time for the marketing function to think the same way. And maybe mobile just acts as the catalyst.

Jeff, thank you for raising the awareness level.

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