Social Sharing via QR Codes

With all of the talk among marketers about social this and social that, I'm often left wondering why the vast majority of marketers who make use of QR Codes in their advertising (print, out-of-home, in-store, packaging, etc.) don't enable social sharing via the code's scan resolve. By adding a social widget or bookmark for Twitter, Facebook, Google +1, email, etc. on the scan resolve site/page, a marketer can potentially increase the reach of the campaign without incurring much in the way of  additional cost. But, in order for this to happen in a truly meaningful way, there is one small caveat which a marketer must pay attention to and understand, the overall QR Code experience (i.e., call-to-action, scan resolve content, offer, etc,) must be worth social sharing in the first place.

If social sharing 'worth' was viewed as an index (e.g., 1 = highly unlikely to share and 10 = highly likely to share), and this index was used as a criteria for crafting a QR Code-based campaign then, perhaps, QR Code-based campaigns would be more thoroughly thought out and planned during the development stage. Then, by default of being better planned, these campaigns should have a better chance at obtaining their overall objectives (objectives are being stated aren't they?).

When developing QR Code-based campaigns with social sharing in mind, marketers need to make sure the experience works flawlessly from end to end and, just as importantly, offers real value, benefit, meaning and relevance to the consumer/user. Creativity and innovation don't hurt either.

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