3rd Annual Best Mobile Bar Code Campaign Award

With year end upon us, now is the time that I start to review mobile bar code-based ad campaigns, and judge which one will be named 2DBS's Best Mobile Bar Code Campaign for 2012. Similar to how I rate campaigns on the Bar Code Litmus Test for "pass" or "fail," I judge campaigns on their ability to deliver value and benefit to the consumer through relevant, meaningful and innovative scan resolve content, the mobile/scan experience and how innovative and/or different the campaign is as a whole.

If you have a mobile bar code-based campaign (print, out-of-home, in-store, package, etc.) that you would like to submit for review, please email me a summary of the campaign, and any images that you may have, no later than December 31.

The winner will be announced January 7, 2013 and may the best campaign win.

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