AT&T and Scanbuy Partnership, What Does It Mean

If, at first, your company doesn't succeed, partner with another company. Such is the case with AT&T.

Some time ago, AT&T developed a proprietary mobile bar code platform, which enabled companies to generate Data Matrix bar codes. The mobile bar codes were proprietary in that they could only be scanned by AT&T's code reader app (not very consumer friendly, but I digress). The company also offered rudimentary metrics to track and measure code scan performance. After a soft roll out of the platform, it seemed as though AT&T caught wind of the popularity and acceptance of QR Codes in the marketplace, so the company changed its game plan a little and enabled the generation of QR Codes, as well as the scanning of QR Codes via their code reader app (sounds a little like the JAGTAG and Microsoft Tag stories, doesn't it?). Now, it seems as though the company realizes it needs some outside assistance to help build out a comprehensive and competitive QR Code platform, so it has partnered with a leader in the mobile engagement field, Scanbuy.

Working with Scanbuy, AT&T will be able to provide its business clients with the ability to use a variety of code call-to-actions/triggers, create mobile-optimized landing pages, create designer QR Codes and access real-time reporting on code scans and usage.

With a partnership of this size and scope, the question can be asked, will other QR Code-based partnerships start to take hold, and might we start to see some consolidation in the industry? Hard to say but, in my mind, it doesn't really matter. Why? Because QR Code service providers like AT&T, or Scanbuy for that matter, can offer however much or however little they want, at the end of the day, all that truly matters is if advertisers and agencies truly understand the technology that's at their disposal and how best to implement and make use of it from a best practice perspective. That's the game changer.

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