Quoted on QR Codes in Luxury Daily

In an article in today's Luxury Daily, I'm quoted about the use of QR Codes. Enjoy.

Kiton bridges print, mobile via QR code experience 
By Erin Shea 
April 19, 2013 

Italian apparel brand Kiton is connecting its print and mobile marketing through a QR code on its advertisement in Bentley magazine’s spring issue.

The one-page ad has a simple image of a man wearing a suit with its London boutique’s address is displayed at the bottom next to a standard QR code. Scanning the code leads consumers to Kiton’s mobile-optimized Web site where consumers can contact the brand, find a location or view the collections.

“It is always a 50/50 chance that a reader will notice, scan and interact with a QR code placed in a print advertisement,” said Roger Marquis, expert on print-to-digital technologies and author of 2D Bar Code Strategy, New York.

“To increase the odds of success, it is in the advertiser’s best interest to place the QR code in an area of prominence on the page, use a relevant and meaningful call-to-action with the QR code and make certain the scan resolve content is of value, benefit, relevance and meaning to the consumer,” he said.

Mr. Marquis is not affiliated with Kiton, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Kiton was not able to comment before press deadline.

Bridging the gap 
Kiton’s ad is fairly simple and shows Wishnu Wardhana, an Indika Energy executive, wearing one of its suits and holding a cup of coffee.

The ad has the brand logo and tagline “The best of the best,” and then has a quote from Mr. Wardhana saying “More than a feeling.”

Kiton ad

Scanning the code leads consumers to Kiton’s mobile-optimized site’s main screen that gives the choices of visiting the Web site, emailing Kiton, calling Kiton and finding a location.

Clicking through to the Web site leads consumers to another menu with additional choices.


From there, consumers can learn about the company, view various catalog collections, see a list of shop locations, read about and view images on the making of various products, contact the company and view orders.

Creation of a tie

Although the mobile-optimized content seems valuable, many consumers may not make it over to the mobile site since the QR code is not prominent on the print ad.

“With this specific ad, the advertiser could have chosen a more prominent location to display the code,” Mr. Marquis said.

“If the code is placed in the gutter of the magazine, chances are it will not be noticed as much as if it were placed on the outside edge of the page,” he said.

“The overall experience from start to finish must be seamless and flawless, meaning the scan resolve content is optimized for mobile and the code is sized and displayed in accordance to best practice.”

However, Kiton is going after its target audience by putting this QR code on a print ad in Bentley magazine.

“Magazines are the No. 1 media outlet for QR Code scans,” said Matt McKenna, founder and president of Red Fish Media, Miami, FL.

“Placing a QR code ad in Bentley magazine brings Kiton closer to engaging and interacting with its target market,” he said. “The largest demographic of people who scan QR codes are affluent males ages 18-44, which coincides with the readers of the magazine.”

Sensitive placement
QR codes can be effective marketing tools if used correctly. Marketers that choose to use them should make the transition from print to mobile as easy as possible for the consumer.

“QR codes can be sensitive and when using them, a brand really does not want to leave anything to chance, such as the code being too close to the bind and not being in full view,” Mr. McKenna said.

Also, telling consumers why they should scan a code can encourage more consumers to do so.

“A call-to-action goes a long way to act as an incentive or enticement for a consumer to scan a QR code,” 2D Bar Code Strategy’s Mr. Marquis said.

“There needs to be a reason, cause and purpose for a consumer to want to interact and engage,” he said.

“Without that, why should a consumer bother?”

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