Ubleam, I Bleam, We All Bleam

There's a new and different print-to-digital technology/platform on the market and it's name is Bleam.

Developed by Ubleam, a French company, Bleam offers advertisers an alternative to QR Codes in that they are designed in a totally different manner and, it's reported, they can be scanned more easily. Instead of the overall square design and format of a QR Code, Bleams are circular by nature and use a configuration of dots to encode the underlying data.

While Bleam is a proprietary technology, the app that the company makes to scan and read its codes can also scan and read QR Codes. Smart of the company to do that, as QR Codes are not going away anytime soon. With that being said, how does the company plan to get in front of QR Codes? I think of JAGTAG, Microsoft Tag, SnapTag, and some others, and none have been able to knock QR Codes off the mountain top, as the leading print-to-digital technology. As I have always said, I don't see this industry as a zero sum game, but I do believe that it would be extremely difficult for any company to introduce something new and expect that it will over take QR Codes in a relatively short amount of time. Please don't misinterpret my comments here, I believe it's great that a new company wants to push the envelope and launch something different into the marketplace, as this is what keeps everyone on their toes...I'm simply raising the point for thought, consideration and discussion.

As a side note, as a company in general, I believe Ubleam has to be more on the 'strategic marketing' ball. Ubleam, if you are a company that is looking to conduct business in the U.S. then make sure all of the copy and content on your website is written in English or, at least, provide a translation service. And, with respect to your References, it's great that you have them, but instead of simply linking to their corporate home pages, why not write a use case and let people see exactly how and why they are a reference.

Good luck Ubleam, time will tell.  


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