QR Code Done Right by Sherwin-Williams

Here's a great example of a print ad that delivers value and service to the consumer, instead of simply interrupting the consumer with meaningless copy, imagery and branding. It's interesting to note, the ad also features a QR Code, the execution, of which, is done rather well.

Sherwin-Williams, the paint company, has developed an app which helps consumers match everyday colors with Sherwin-Williams' colors. To promote the app, the company created this double-page print ad.

When the QR Code in the ad is scanned, the reader of the ad is brought to a mobile website, which provides the following: detailed information about the app's features; a link to download the app, which auto-detects the app version that's compatible with the smartphone being used; a retail store locator; customer service days/hours; customer service feedback form (wow, that's new and different); a link to the main corporate website; and a link to a professional's website (i.e., professional painters). Very complete, and all just to promote an app. But that's service. That's value.

While it's great to see that the professional's website is mobile optimized, it's less than great to see that the corporate website is not mobile optimized. The company does such a good job with this campaign, why disappoint here? I noticed another disconnect as well.

When you go to the company's main website, there is no mention of the ColorSnap app. Pourquoi pas? Why no link to be able to download the app from the main website? Seems like the mobile team thought things through pretty well, but the desktop team did not. Hence the disconnect.

Getting back to the scan resolve content...the one item I found to be missing that should be a part of this and most any other scan resolve is a way to easily share the content. If the experience merits sharing than the company should make it easy to do so.

A couple of minor hiccups but, overall, a solid execution.

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